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Reference Specification

Standard: IS: 694-1990
Any other international specification can be made available


Specially designed cables for submersible pump motors are meant to withstand abrasions, prevent ingress of water inside the cable and be resistant to acid fluids and other chemicals. These are available both in PVC and Thermoplastic Elastomer, which imparts high degree of flexibility and water resistance.

Cables for Submersible Pump Motors

Conductor: Solid/Stranded/Plain copper conductor (for unscreened cables) Solid/Plain copper conductor (for screened cables).
Insulation: An extruded layer of PVC 70° C. cores are identified by colours.
Assembly: Required cores are laid up to form a cable core.
Bedding: PVC in the form of an extruded layer. Sheath colours as per specifications.
Screening (In case of screened cables): Screening in the form of round aluminum wires in helical formation in single layer.
Taping (In case of screened cables): A layer of Barium Chromate tape is applied helically over the screen.
Inner Sheath (In case of screened cables):PVC in the form of an extruded layer. Sheath colour per specifications.
Armouring : Galvanized steel wires are applied helically in a single layer, double steel tape armouring for screened outdoor signaling cable
Outer Sheath: PVC in the form of an extruded layer. Sheath colour as per specifications.

Reference Specifications
IRS:S-63/1989-for unscreened cables
IRS:S-35/93-for screened cables
Any other international specifications


Unscreened Cables: Suitable for use on AC systems for rated voltages upto and including 1100 volts (earthed and unearthed). Also may be used on DC system for rated voltages upto and including 1500 volts to earth. Screened Cables: Suitable for railway signalling currents particularly in areas where 25 kV, 50cps, AC is used for railway traction.

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