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Power Cables Manufacturer India
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K-51, Connaught Circus,
New Delhi - 110001, India
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Industrial Wire Cables Manufacturer India
Since its inception in 1970, National Cables, with over 5 decades of experience and expertise, has become the first and foremost choice amongst the electrical fraternity and also for leading architects all over the country across various projects, both in the public as well as the private sector. From humble beginnings, to becoming an industry leader, National Cables has come a long way. Driven by a passion for excellence and innovation, National Cables has maintained stringent technical standards and has set newer benchmarks in quality.
Single Core Power Cable with Copper or Aluminum conductors from 2.5 Sq. mm to 400 Sq. mm armored or unarmored with GI Wire/ Strip & also non magnetic material and overall PVC sheathed.

Two, three or four core cables with Copper or Aluminum conductors solid or stranded from 2.5 Sq. mm to 185 Sq. mm

Three and a half core power cables with stranded Copper or Aluminum conductor from 25 Sp. mm to 400 Sq. mm
Armored / Unarmored control cables single to 61 core of 1.5 Sq. mm and 2.5 Sq. mm with Copper or Aluminum conductors solid or stranded.

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