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National Cables is proud to give its valued customers the assurance of completely safety. The ISI mark along with FIA/TAC (Fire Insurance Approval/Tarrif Advisory Committee) Approval highlights the aspects of absolute protection-protection that not only saves power but human lives too, by preventing electrical shocks, short circuits and fires.

Our PVC Insulated cables are manufactured using state of the -extrusion lines, from electrolytic grade bright annealed copper which helps save power. The cables, Insulated with a special grade, high quality PVC compound manufactured in-house, offers high insulation resistance and dielectric strength. Our existing quality standard ensure that each meter of wire passes through high voltage spark testing machines to confirm zero weak spots upon insulation.

We would also like to premonition our valued customers  of buying counterfeit cables. Buy NATIONAL CABLES from the company's authorized dealers only. Also,  look for the brand name, size, voltage, grade and official logo printed on the cable at regular intervals. In case of any doubt or problem, please write to us at the address given below, enclosing a copy of the cash memo/bill along with a three-meter sample of the relevant cables in question, to enable us to carry out the necessary tests in our laboratory.So when you need electric cables, seek the quality assurance of NATIONAL CABLES- quality you can trust.

  Our Flexible cables are available in FR, HRFR, FRLS (Cease-Fire), ZHFR, LSZH Insulation Options

Single Core, Unsheated Cables in Voltage Grade, 1100V

Nominal area of
Number/Nom Dia.
of Wire
Thickness of
Current carrying capacity# 2 cable , single phase Resistance(Max.)per Km.@20degree C.

In conduit/Trunking

Unclosed-clipped directly to a surface or on cable tray mm. mm. mm. Amps. Amps. Ohms.
1.0 14/.3* 0.7 2.8 11 12 18.10
1.5 22/.3* 0.7 3.1 13 16 12.10
2.5 36/.3* 0.8 3.8 18 22 7.41
4.0 56/.3* 0.8 4.4 24 29 4.95
6.0 84/.3* 0.8 5.2 31 37 3.30
Standard Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green(for earthing). Supplied in 90 meter lengths in attractive cartons
# As per IS: #((PART V)-1968 ISI License No CM/ L-2152740
*As per conductor Class 2 of IS: 8130/ 9184 **As per conductor class 5 of IS: 8131
10 80/.4 1.0 7.20 42 51 1.91
16 126/.4 1.0 8.00 57 68 1.1
25 196/.4 1.2 9.90 71 86 0.780
35 276/.4 1.2 13.95 120 145 0.386
50 396/.4 1.4 13.95 120 145 0.386
Standard Colours: Black, Red , Blue & Yellow Other Colours on request Above size As per conductor class 5 of IS: 8130/ 1984
Spilled in 100 meter lengths in coils Confirm to IS 694: 1990 ISI  license number CM/L-2152740

Cease-Fire "the Cable that is Firefighter"

CEASE-FIRE electrical wire from NATIONAL CABLES are insulated with a specially formulated PVC compound manufactured in consonance with international standards. This gives the cables significant fire/ flame retardant properties.

When a fire occurs, the performance of the electrical wires becomes an extremely critical factor. Ordinary PVC cables, when exposed to fire, emit large amount of acidic and corrosive fumes which inflict significant damage upon the surroundings. There are innumerable well-documented cases of fires involving ordinary PVC cables in which the secondary damage caused to machinery, switching equipment and electronic & other devices  by HCL emission from the cables was far greater than the primary damage caused by the fire itself. Infect, in certain cases the monetary loss inflicted by the secondary damage was in excess of that caused by the primary damage.

The resultant need for high quality cables  with  fire retardant abilities led NATIONAL CABLES to develop a highly sophisticated fire retardant low  smoke PVC compound in line with internationally accepted standards. This compound, used in the manufacture of CEASE-FIRE CABLES, checks the occurrence of fire and, if exposed to fire emits very little fumes & gases. Remember, fire is a very real danger rely on CEASE-FIRE the trusted  fire fighter. 


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