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Sizes Covered 1.5 mm & 2.52 mm2 up to 61 crore
4 mm to 16 mm up to 4 crore
Operating Voltage: 300/500

Cable Construction

Conductor: Solid stranded or flexible copper bare/tinned coated

Insulation: Extruded layer of PVC 70°C/85°C/105°C with colours as per specification or cores are identified by printing numbers.

Assembly: insulated conductors are assembled in successive layers, in opposite direction to form cable cores.

Bedding: An extruded layer of PVC is applied as bedding or PVC tape.

Armouring options

A. Galvanized Steel Wires
B. Galvanized Steel Strips
C. Galvanized Steel Wire Braid

Screen (if requested): over the bedded cores a layer of aluminum/copper Mylar tape or copper wire braiding is applied to form the screen.

Sheath: An extruded layer of PVC is applied as the outer sheath. Sheath colour as per customer specification.


Other construction can be supplied on request :

FR [Flame Retardant PVC]

FRLS [Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC]

Zero halogen/ Low Halogen Low smoke Cables: with polymeric insulation and sheath

High Temperature Cables: With ETFE/FEP/PTFE tape (wrap) insulation/sheath

Reference Specification

IS 1554-I-88, BS: 6004, BS: 6346, IEC: 502, VDE: 0271 or any other international standard


These cables are suitable for control purposes or measuring circuits in generating stations, substations, industrial installations etc. On account of the armoring, the cables can withstand rough installation and operation conditions and tensile stresses. These can be laid in water or buried direct in the ground even on steep slopes. They can also be installed indoors or outdoors, in air or in cable ducts.

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